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Rainforest Anti-Aging Formula with Resveratrol & CoQ10, 60ct


Rainforest Anti-Aging Complex with Resveratrol and CoQ10 Formerly ResQmax Anti-Aging Complex Rainforest Anti-Aging Complex contains a high potency combination of resveratrol, CoQ10, acai berry, pomegranate and grapeseed extract for amazing anti-aging benefits. • Resveratrol helps stimulate heart health, increases anti-aging benefits and promotes good circulation. • CoQ10 helps protect the heart and is a very powerful antioxidant. • Acai Berry helps increase energy, promotes healthy weight support and aids digestion. • Pomegranate helps boost heart health and promotes good cholesterol health. Anti-Aging Complex ranks over 10,000 on the Orac scale! Why is the ORAC important to you? A high ORAC (oxygen radical absorbtion capacity) equates directly to an ingredient's ability to destroy free radicals, resulting is significant anti-aging benefits. Suggested Use: Adults take two (2) capsules daily or as directed by a health care practitioner Gluten-free, vegan, additive-free 60 vegetable capsules

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